WOM Magazine 

We are turned GREEN with our magazine. No paper waste is what made us start our Digital Magazine in 2019. Yes, it’s our first baby. And the love for the firstborn is always something else. Is it??? A big yes for us. 

The magazine covers some of the fantabulous articles by the marketing fraternity around the world, interviews of the finest of the business minds, real-life stories, talent showcase, and what not. You are in for a treat!!! The brains of editors, designers, strategists, and writers are mixed up, cooked, and served hot just for you. 

WOM Cast 

Webinars are the newest trend. WOM is not far behind and we are actually acing it. Our WOM Cast that’s what we call it, is flourished with crowning Business leaders. Psst!! Your credit card is not required as it’s FREE, FREE, FREE. We make sure our live sessions reach the maximum out there. After all, listening to these giant strategists is a lifetime opportunity. 

WOM Cast covers a wide range of topics – Digital Marketing, Below-the-line (BTL) marketing, customer experience to marketing strategy, and many many many more. If you think you can join WOM Cast as a guest, host, or can moderate it, do connect with us on email or call us anytime on our contact number. 

WOM Fun Friday

Marketing can never be serious, and we highly believe in that. WOM Fun Fridays are a witness to it. It’s that spice in our community that brings an amazing flavor. We conduct marketing quiz, and talent shows so that each and everyone is benefitted. Why leave even a single one behind when we all are in this together? So jump in and sing, dance, or solve the marketing trivia as WOM knows only one language – Marketing.

WOM Community Group 

World of Marketing is a community and by that, we mean all of us are the same. Your challenges are ours and our opportunities are yours. That’s how a community thrives. WOM community is spread across all Social Media handles and WhatsApp groups too that are divided according to the geographical regions. 

Strengthening each other and running on the edge is fun. Let’s board on the same ship and face the pirates together while enjoying all along. Join us and be a WOM warrior too. Ahoy matey!!!

WOM Meet – Ups

Ooh la la!!! We love meetings. No not the boring ones. Our Meet-ups are fun, laughter, and full of craziness. Its an experience on its own. Our mad love for marketing and cross-border associations brought us to Digital Meet-ups too. 

These meet-ups are organized according to the requirements and when things get extra bugging, we make sure our members can cha,cha,cha. They are flourished with some learning and a lot of un-learning as well. So, what do you think? Interesting isn’t it!!!

WOM Think Tank

Marketing is a creative business and all those imaginative and artistic ideas are stored with us. The key to this Pandora Box is with all our members. Open it when you are all exhausted and need something unique. Our mentors and guides are like that magic lamp which has unlimited wishes just for our members. Just rub it and Poof!!! We are there.

WOM Job Fair

Jobs are an important part of everyone’s life. Devil bosses, stinking job profiles, and peanut salaries are some of the many reasons for a job change. And we make it easier for you. We have a WhatsApp group dedicated to Jobs and vacancies where job seekers can get their dream job and you can thank us later. By the way we love Chocolates!!!

Our new initiative is to market our members who are in search of jobs during our WOM Cast with their full profile and contact number. Reach us anytime to avail this opportunity. We can market anything and anyone!!! 

WOM Business Lead Generation

Now it’s not rocket science that leads is one of the most important prerequisites of businesses around the world. Any marketing campaign’s success also depends on the number of leads it got. WOM can help you with that too. Through our numerous initiatives and campaigns any business can advertise itself and generate interest, engagement and finally leads. You can market your Brand/Product/Service/yourself in our magazine, website, WOM Cast, etc. All our platforms are open for our members always.