A Small but Interesting Story About Us

“The best Marketers are always creating Relationships. Relationships with customers, Brands and other Marketers” – Kurt Uhlir

Marketing is not just a word. It’s a world in itself and so we bring you “World of Marketing”

In February 2016, an idea was conceived by a marketing professional Ashish Singh and supported by Dinesh Mahajan to bring together a community for experienced as well as novice marketers and let the knowledge diffuse. The initial focus was kept minimal to three major areas:-


a.) Acquisition Team (membership drive)

b.) Conflict resolution team (owing to diverse cultural backgrounds of members) 

c.) Retention team (continuous personal feedback system to keep the attrition rate at 0)


As the idea picked up the pace and converted to a full-fledged growing group, chapters were made based on geography to manage the membership and provide them an opportunity to meet each other. Each chapter is headed by regional leaders who take ownership of membership, engagement, and discussion on regional marketing challenges and Meetups. Marketing professionals from across the globe and enthusiasts are encouraged to reach out to their country-specific group admins and be a part of the group.


Four years old and still growing. Now the members count in above 5k which is increasing gradually.


The moral of the story – No matter how small you are. The size of your imagination matters. Think Big and watch wonders happen.






        Marketing for All


Make marketing simple and provide the platform for marketers worldwide to share knowledge beyond networking. Acknowledge the individual achievement of changemakers and bring it up among the marketing fraternity. Facilitate discussion and networking on WoM forums to encourage innovation, cultivate Marketing professionals, and set up thought leadership, new benchmarks, and marketing solutions.

“Nothing can bind us together, than our need to understand each other. In this community we all can freely express each other and share our ideas, stories, philosophies, viewpoints, and values in the most creative ways.”


Team members worldwide

12 Countries

We’ve Branches worldwide

1000 Helps

Financial Problems Solved

5 Years

Years of Community Building

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Benefits of WoM

  A place to explore –

  • Certified Vendors and Agencies 
  • The platform of knowledge sharing
  • Seeking opinion from industry leaders. 
  • Job opportunities,
  • Finding Investors,
  • for networking and meetups 
  • highlight the member’s post with the #worldofmarketing


If you work in marketing, creating a brand, managing products, perhaps you’re even a sales director or business owner, maybe you are just a student now, either way, THIS is the Place for you! 






Objectives of WoM

  1. A seamless experience of knowledge sharing for Marketing enthusiasts 
  2. Skill Development:– Interview skills or public speaking skills to be developed by experienced professionals of the varied industry, about marketing
  3. Students Association:- Provides industry exposure and trick of the trades by guest lectures and interaction — Wom forum in B-schools and institutes. 
  4. Jobs Opportunity:- Sharing hidden opportunities through Job groups and Job sections on the website. A Dedicated forum to explore a job opportunity from both sides – Employees and Employers. WoM is associated with the world’s various companies, CMOs, and departmental heads who finds the right talent using the WoM platform.
  5. Networking:- An opportunity to network and grow your business. 
  6. Recognition :- Very often, only the CMOs and chief executives are awarded and recognized by marketing forums and groups. Various factors allegedly influence them. WoM addresses this and finds out those performers across the industry based on research and its accurate analysis.  
  7. Marketing Solutions:- To professionals, companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.
  8. Verified Agencies, Vendor, and Suppliers – A pool of regional-centric vendors and agencies who are certified by experienced marketing professionals. They must be a member of WoM will have this database having the solution providers across the World. It is an opportunity for start-ups to showcase its product and services and generate revenue.
  9. Offline Meetups – Real Meetups in Real-world. These meetups are usually organised by regional chapters where a prospective employee meets employers, explore fund raising options, new ideas and experience and if nothing, just make new friends.

Structure of WoM

  • Core Group:- The highest knowledge sharing body of the World of marketing is to run and set up the operation to ensure the flow of knowledge sharing. This group ensures the operation should compile to the WoM objective. 


  • Social Platforms:-  Facebook page


  • WhatsApp Groups:- A global group along with regional chapters. One admin of each regional chapter will be a member of the core group. These local chapters are the primary source of knowledge sharing. Admins role:- To add new members, keep the engagement on and follow the regulations. 


  • Tech Team:- A technical team is responsible for set-up the website and Application which completes the purpose of WoM, based on the mission and vision of WoM.
  • Wom Publications – A Digital Magazine.
  • WoMTv Team – For live streaming program – Go Beyond on thought leadership.
  • Regional Chapters – Location wise regional chapters for networking and offline meetup.


Core Values of WoM

  1. WoM believes in Relationship building based on learning and driven by innovative community-building ideas.  
  2. WoM challenges the Status Quo to evolve personally & professionally 
  3. WoM afcilitates a sense of security, believing that an Idea is not limited to anyone; it belongs to a larger group and purpose.
  4. WoM is an Ecosystem of knowledge sharing based on original and affordable marketing solutions. 
  5. WoM is here to change the myth of marketing

Critical Criteria of WoM core group and admins

  • Passionate for knowledge sharing and networking.
  • They must be driven by values, based on four assets – Intellectual, Human, Financial, and Social assets? It brings the purpose and balance to transfer these assets from one professional to another.
  • A team member in nature should be soft-spoken, coordinative, and aggressive in the act.


WoM committee is committed to providing engaging and rewarding job vacancies for our subscribers. Our mission here is to bring and sustain lives at all levels by bridging the gap between job seekers and job providers.

WoM platform for exploring new jobs, where every day new jobs are updated. 


  • WhatsApp Group of job seekers.
  • Linkedin Group of job seekers.

World of HR

Human Resource is also a part of Marketing. HR has to promote the job and an employee has to showcase his skills in interviews therefore HR professionals are also the extended part of Marketing. 


  • WhatsApp Group of HR professionals. 
  • Facebook page to announce new HR trends. 
  • Job groups of having 5000 members.