Why Digital Marketing would be a necessity post Covid19?


Do you belong to the industry where you go out and meet your customers face-to-face before you talk business with them?If yes, then there is a high probability that in the coming months, your prospective clients are going to be less open to the idea of welcoming you.

The onset of the pandemic has shaken the very base of numerous industries and businesses. A large number of businesses have either shut down operations completely or have done so temporarily.

The unprecedented hindrance in the functioning of traditional channels of marketing and cancellation of trade shows and events across industries and hurdles in the everyday operations of the business has posed to be an enormous challenge for their very survival.

Digital is the new norm

COVID 19 has placed a quarter of the world’s population under lockdown. As a result, the everyday activities for most people have been affected. Whether it was their work or life at home all things have experienced a massive shift overnight. Maintaining Social Distancing became a necessity than a choice.
Technology came to the rescue of the common man. With apps like Zoom Video Communications, Big Basket, PharmEasy etc. it became possible for the people to not only keep themselves safe while practicing social distancing but it also allowed them to lead a completely normal life.

From conducting meetings online to being in touch with one’s friends and relatives through social media, digital became the new norm. 

Digital: The new Opportunity

As a result of the lockdown across the world, number of people shifted to the online medium for satisfying their everyday needs of entertainment, work, learning etc. 

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey

  • Every work and leisure related activity has seen an increased digital activity:
  • News: Live news, reading news online, reading print news
  • Content: Movies/shows, live TV, video, reading/personal interest
  • Social: Texting/Chatting, messaging, social media, video games
  • Personal: Cooking, home improvement, exercising
  • Work: Learning/remote learning, working
  • Consumers are intensifying time spent on a wide variety of digital activities from online grocery shopping to video conferencing to telemedicine
  • Tik Tok usage is markedly increased
  • Restaurant and store curbside pickup has dramatically increased
  • Remote learning has increased significantly
  • Telemedicine has increased
  • Depending on the category, 40 to 60% of consumers indicated that they intend to stick to new digital products and services adopted during COVID.
  • Digital Marketing: The Necessity

    As more and more people adapt to the digital medium the opportunities available for businesses to reach their target audience multiplies. 

    • Businesses may grab this opportunity to create their online brand and open new channels of communication over web and social media platforms where introductions with the target audience can be made and relationships can be fostered.
    • Businesses can remain in touch with their consumers through Email Marketing. By sending out emails to their customers explaining how their business is addressing the crisis, making sure the information is relevant and using this opportunity to differentiate themselves.
    • Following the pandemic the buyer persona would see a major shift. Their interest in products and services, their needs and expectations from brands, spending patterns etc would have changed. Businesses can stay updated on these trends by being present on Digital.
    • Businesses can assess their marketing budget and spend it wisely on different digital channels to ensure maximum reach. Also, they need to shift priorities towards the things that consumers need during this time.
    • Real time insights of the actions of consumers direct the path that businesses can follow to ensure existence even after the pandemic bids adieu.

    Taking the leap and employing various Digital Marketing strategies can help businesses not only survive the pandemic but also flourish post it.